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Clone a disc


1.   Overview

The solution is easy: Just clone a disc. The idea: Give the Wii disc an other ID and play it with an USB loader. Enabling the online mode is also possible.

This article decribes how to create a clone and how to enable online mode.

2.   Cloning

The commands »wit COPY«, »wit EDIT« and »wwt ADD« accept the option »--id newid«. This option gives the output disc image a new ID. Thew disc header and ticket, tmd and boot.bin of the DATA partition are modified. After patching the ticket and tmd will be signed (trucha sign) again.

Example: »wit copy source.iso dest.iso --id K«

The option »--id K« modifies only the first character of the ID, it is set to 'K' like Klone.

I prefer 'K' because it seem to be a free letter. If you need a second clone use 'L' for the next one.

If you want to change the ID of a already copied image, use the EDIT command with the same options:
»wit edit image_to_edit.iso --id K«

You can also add an image directly to a WBFS partition:
»wwt add --auto source.iso --id K«

The source can also comes from the destination WBFS. Assume /dev/sde5 where you WBFS drive and you want a clone of Mario Kart Wii:
»wwt add --part /dev/sde5 --id K /dev/sde5/RMCP01«

If you want to change the disc title too, just add the option »--name "disc title"«.

3.   Enable online mode

If you want to enable online mode, add the clone to a WBFS (if not alread done) and rename the ID of the ISO part only:

»wwt rename --auto KLONE_ID6=ORIG_ID6 --iso«
and for Mario Kart Wii:
»wwt rename --auto KMCP01=RMCP01 --iso«

The option --iso means: Modify only the ID of the ISO, but not the ID of the WBFS header.

This also works for WBFS files on FAT or NTFS.