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wdf cmp

Compare files and unpack WDF, WIA and CISO while comparing. The standard is to compare two source files. If --dest or --DEST is set, than all source files are compared against files in the destination path with equal names. If the second source file is missed, then standard input (stdin) is used instead. This is the default command, when the program name contains the sub string 'diff' or 'cmp' in any case.


1.   Syntax

wdf +DIFF [option]... files...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-q --quiet Be quiet and print only error messages and failure messages on mismatch. The comparison is aborted at the first mismatch for each source image. If set twice print nothing and report the diff result only as exit status and the complete comparison is aborted at the first mismatch at all.
-v --verbose The default is to print only differ messages. If set success messages and summaries are printed too. If set at least twice, a progress counter is printed too.
--file-limit size This option is only used if comparing discs on file level. If not set or set to null, then all files will be compared. If set to a value greater than comparison is aborted for the current source image if the entered number of files differ. This option is ignored in quiet mode.
--limit num If not set, the comparison of the current file is aborted if a mismatch is found. If set, the comparison is aborted after 'limit' mismatches. To compare the whole file use the special value 0. This option is ignored in quiet mode.
-l --long If set, a status line with the offset is printed for each found mismatch. If set twice, an additional hex dump of the first bytes is printed. If set 3 or 4 times, the limit is set to 10 or unlimited if option --limit is not already set. This option is ignored in quiet mode.
--block-size size If a mismatch is found in raw or disc mode then the comparison is continued with the next block. This option sets the block size. The default value is 32K (Wii sector size). This option is ignored in quiet mode.