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wdf cat

Concatenate files and print on the standard output. WDF, WIA and CISO files are extracted before printing, all other files are copied byte by byte. This is the default command, when the program name contains the sub string 'cat' in any case. »wdf +CAT« replaces the old tool wdf-cat.


1.   Syntax

wdf +CAT [option]... files...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-d --dest path Define a destination path (directory/file).
-D --DEST path Like --dest, but create the directory path automatically.
-o --overwrite Overwrite already existing files without warning.

3.   Description

The tool 'wdf-cat' works like the standard 'cat' tool: It concatenate files and print the result to standard output. While doing this WDF, WIA and CISO files will be expanded to the normal presentation. Other files will be copied directly.

3.1   Set command +CAT as default

If the tool wdf is called with an program name that contains the string cat (like in wdf-cat or wdfcat) then the +CAT command is the default. The best way is to link (soft or hard) it to the new name. Expamples
ln wdf wdf-cat
ln -s wdf wdf-cat
cp -l wdf wdf-cat
The unix installation script does it for you.

4.   Usual error/exit codes: