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wwt analyze

Analyze files and partitions for WBFS usage. Try to find old WBFS structures and make calculations for new WBFS.


1.   Syntax

wwt ANALYZE [wbfs_partition]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-a --auto Search for WBFS partitions using '/proc/partitions' or searching hard disks in '/dev/'.
-A --all Use all WBFS partitions found.
-p --part part Define a primary WBFS file or partition. Multiple usage possible.
-l --long If option --long is set then calculated values are printed too if other values are available. If option --long is set twice calculated values are always printed.

3.   Description

The ANALYZE command analyze files and partitions and prints out the geometry. If no device is defined, all devices are analysed. The files and partitions are not modified and opened readonly.

First ANALYZE looks into the file and search for old WBFS information. Second it makes a calculation like the INIT command for different sector sizes. All data is printed as a table:

ANALYZE x.wbfs
		    HD SECTORS  WBFS SECTORS   DISCS       (all values in hex)
	   WBFS     total  sec  total    sec  max inode
NAME    magic vrs     num size   num    size  num size  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
HEADER:    ok  1 746a5288  200  e8d4 1000000  1f4  600  WBFS header scanning
INODE-TIM: ok  1 746a5288  200  e8d4 1000000  1f4  600  2010-03-24 18:50:50 n=500
INODE-CNT: ok  1 1d1a94a2  800  e8d4 1000000  7f4  800  2010-03-24 18:50:47 n=1661
CALC  512:  -  1 746a5288  200  e8d4 1000000  1f4  600  calculation of init function
CALC 1024:  -  1 3a352944  400  e8d4 1000000  3f4  800   " but sector-size=1024
CALC 2048:  -  1 1d1a94a2  800  e8d4 1000000  7f4  800   " but sector-size=2048
CALC 4096:  -  1  e8d4a51 1000  e8d4 1000000  ff4 1000   " but sector-size=4096
The columns (all numbers are printed in hex):
Short name of the analyze mode:
  • HEADER: Result of header analyzing (first 12 bytes).
  • INODE-*: Result of INODE-INFO searching.
    • INODE-TIM: The newest INODE found.
    • INODE-CNT: The inodes with the largest equal-inodes-count.
    • INODE-1ST: The first inodes found if not already printed.
  • DISCS: Result of searching discs in the WBFS management area.
  • CALC #: Example calculation of the INIT function. (see option --long)
  • OLD #: Example calculation with the old buggy algorithm. (see option --long)
WBFS magic
Text "ok" if a WBFS magic was found.
WBFS vrs
WBFS version.
HD SECTORS total num
Total number of hard disc sectors of the WBFS-file or WBFS-partition.
HD SECTORS sec size
The harddisk sector size of the WBFS-file/partition.
WBFS SECTORS total num
Total number of WBFS sectors. The maximum if 0x10000 = 65536.
The WBFS sector size of the WBFS-file/partition.
DISCS max num
Maximal possible discs.
DISCS inode size
The disc info size for a single disc.
Additiional information.
  • INODE: most current date and number of equal inodes infos found.
  • DISCS: number of discs found in the management area of WBFS.
The output can also be used to setup parameters for the INIT command.