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wwt dup

Duplicate source WBFS files or partitions and create new WBFS files. If multiple sources entered, the destination must be a directory. All used WBFS blocks are copied 1:1 to the destination file and unused blocks are skipped and stored as sparse blocks.


1.   Syntax

wwt DUP [source_wbfs]... [-d|-D] dest_file

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-T --titles file Read file for disc titles. -T/ disables automatic search for title files.
--utf-8 Enables UTF-8 support for filenames (default).
--no-utf-8 Disables UTF-8 support for filenames.
--lang lang Define the language for titles.
-a --auto Search for WBFS partitions using '/proc/partitions' or searching hard disks in '/dev/'.
-A --all Use all WBFS partitions found.
-p --part part Define a primary WBFS file or partition. Multiple usage possible.
--no-check Disable automatic check of WBFS before reading.
-q --quiet Be quiet and print only error messages.
-L --logging This debug option enables the logging of internal memory maps. If set twice second level memory maps are printed too.
-d --dest path Define the path to the destination file. If not set, the last parameter is used as destination.
-D --DEST path Like --dest, but create the directory path automatically.
-o --overwrite Overwrite already existing files without warning.
-t --test Run in test mode, modify nothing.