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wit cert

Collect certificates and eliminate multiple entires of the same certificate. Dump all collected certificates to standard output (stdout) and/or write the certificate to a new binary cert file. The optional parameters are handled like parameters of option --cert.


1.   Syntax

wit CERT [additional_cert_file]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--cert file Scan a file for certificates and add them to the internal certificate database. Valid sources are CERT, TICKET, TMD and ISO files. All partitions of ISO images are scanned for certificates. Files without certificates are ignored without notification.
-F --files ruleset Filter the certificates by rules. Therefor the certificate name is build in the form 'issuer.keyid'.
--fake-sign ruleset Add a certificate selection rule. All certificates that matches the rule set will be fake signed.
-d --dest path Define a destination file. All selected certificates are written to this new created file.
-D --DEST path Like --dest, but create the directory path automatically.
-v --verbose Print the content of all certificates to standard output. This is the default if neither --dest nor --DEST are set.
-l --long If printing, print the complete key as hex dump, not only the first bytes. If set twice, print BASE64 encoded.
-S --sort list Define the sort mode for the certificate listing. The parameter is either NONE, ASCENDING or DESCENDING = REVERSE.
--no-sort Disable sorting of keys.