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wit info

Print some internal information about the keywords. If the keyword ALL is set or no keyword is entered, then all informations are printed. Possible keywords are: IMAGE-FORMAT and ALL.


1.   Syntax

wit INFO [keyword]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--sections Print in machine readable sections and parameter lines.
-l --long Print additional infos, if available. For IMAGE-FORMAT: Print a list, that explains the attributes.

3.   Description

The command prints different informations. The keyword following the command name decides, which infos are printed. If the keyword ALL is set or no keyword is entered, then all informations are printed.


The command prints a table with all supported image formats and their internal attributes. If option --long is set, a list with attribute descriptions is appended.


# wit info image-format -l Image formats: Name Description Option Extensions Attributes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ISO Plain file --iso .iso - read create extend - loader WDF Wii Disc Format --wdf .wdf - read create extend - - CISO Compact ISO --ciso .ciso .wbi read create modify nosize loader WBFS Wii Backup File System --wbfs .wbfs - read create extend nosize loader WIA Compressed Wii ISO Archive --wia .wia - read create - compr - GCZ Dolphins GameCube Zip --gcz .gcz - read create - compr - FST Extracted File System --fst - - read create - fst destedit Attributes: read : Image format can be read. create : Image format can be created. modify : Image format can be created and modified. extend : Image format can be created, modified and extended. fst : Image is an extracted file system. compr : Image format supports compressed data (bzip2,7z,zip). nosize : Info about the image size is not available. destedit : If using as source, the destination must be modifiable. loader : Image format can be used by USB loaders.