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wit features

Check, if the requested features are available. All keywords are possible. If no keyword is used, all supported features are printed. The exit status is 0 for 'all features supported', 1 for 'some features supported' and 2 for 'no feature supported'.


1.   Syntax

wit FEATURES [feature]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-q --quiet If set, suppress messages about the single features. If set twice, suppress also the summary message.
-v --verbose Normally, a status line for each supported feature is printed. If set, print an info line for each requested feature.

3.   Description

The command pritbns a list of supported features. Most of them can be deactivated on compile time by a user setting or by missing a library.

Here is the full feature list of v2.27:

# wit features

+ ISO     : Image format ISO is supported.
+ WDF     : Image format WDF is supported.
+ WDF1    : Image format WDF v1 is supported.
+ CISO    : Image format CISO is supported.
+ WBFS    : Image format WBFS is supported.
+ WIA     : Image format WIA is supported.
+ GCZ     : Image format GCZ is supported.
+ PRALLOC : File pre allocation is supported.
Scripts may use wit features -qq (no output) and check the exit status.

4.   Usual error/exit codes:

0 : All requested features are available.
1 : Some (but not all) requested features are available.
2 : None of the requested is available.